Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are centred around the purpose of the website – to create a space where you can find vegan owned and run businesses, and otherwise vegan friendly businesses in your local area. These terms & conditions aim to ensure that we are able to offer this service as effectively as possible whilst maintaining the integrity of the directory.

  1. Australian Vegan Business Directory reserves the right to remove any business who does not comply with these terms and conditions. 
  2. A $10 processing fee is charged for all business listings. Refunds will only be offered at our discretion.
  3. Australian Vegan Business Directory have used two terms for classifying businesses that can list on this site: ‘Vegan Owned & Run’ and ‘Vegan Friendly’.
    Vegan Owned: A business that is owned by vegans.
    Vegan Friendly: A business that specifically caters to vegans. For example a cafe with a vegan menu or clearly marked vegan menu items or a hairdresser or beautician who uses cruelty free products. This does not include a mechanic who is happy to work on a vegan’s car.
  4. Any business that does not fit into either of these categories will not have their listing accepted and risks forfeiting any payments made.
  5. Any business such as butchers or leather goods sellers, whose primary purpose is to provide a service that is cruel to animals will not be listed.
  6. Australian Vegan Business Directory reserves the right to determine what constitutes animal cruelty.
  7. We do not support any businesses that openly discriminate against others. We’re all about love!

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and thank you for using the Australian Vegan Business Directory.

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