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The Australian Vegan Business Directory was born of the simple idea that we would like to support other vegan businesses. If I want to eat cake, I want a vegan one. If I need to repair my car I’d like to support a vegan mechanic. The tricky part can be how to find them. As a web developer I thought why not create a resource we can all use to find other vegan businesses? The Australian Vegan Business Directory has been created to connect vegans with vegan businesses.

Getting on Board

Listing your business is fast and simple. We have two types of listings, Local Listings and an Australia Wide Listing which is better suited to online businesses and those who have customers all across Australia. Both of these listing types are General Listings which are free. We also have Business Pages that are designed to make your business stand out from the crowd. See details below.

  • General Listing
    $35 / 55/ YearlyLocal & Australia Wide Listings
    • Appear in Maps
    • Select your state
    • Upload your logo
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Location
    • Website URL
    • *Must be a member to list
  • Business Page
    $+25 / +35/ YearlyLocal & Australia Wide Listings
    • *General Listing Add-on 
    • Business description
    • Promotional images
    • Opening hours
    • Your current specials
    • Social media links
    • Featured Businesses

* Business Page Listings are an add on for General Listings.
All features of General Listings can be seen on a Business Page Listing.

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