Vegan Owned & Run

Vegan OwnedThis term is used to identify any business that is legally owned and operated by vegans. These businesses may provide any type of service that does not contravene any of the other terms & conditions. It is highly recommended that all vegan business owners use cruelty free products and advise where this is not possible. ‘Vegan Owned & Run’ assumes that your business satisfies all of the criteria of a ‘Vegan Friendly’ business.

Vegan Friendly

This term is used to identify businesses who ensure that vegan options are available within the products and seVegan Friendlyrvices that they provide. Where possible it is strongly recommended that these products and services are clearly marked as vegan. For example a ‘Vegan’ section in a restaurant menu or marking items that are vegan with ‘VN’. There are numerous products that would prevent a service or product from being vegan. In order to list here as a ‘Vegan Friendly’ business it is expected that the business owner will take sufficient steps to ensure all products used contain no animal products whatsoever.

If you are unsure about your own products being vegan ask the product manufacturer.

Nobody likes the vegan police, including us and this is not the purpose of this directory. We do take this seriously though and will endeavour to ensure that the terms ‘Vegan Owned & Run’ and ‘Vegan Friendly’ are maintained with integrity.