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My Chemical Free Romance

EnviroBren is the brain child of Brenda Wilkinson or rather, the heart child. As a passionate environmentalist and after years of living a cruelty free life Brenda wanted to provide products which are in keeping with these core principals of respecting the planet we live on and compassion for the animals who share it with us.

I use all of the products that I sell myself. If I don’t think they’re good enough, then I don’t sell them.

The idea of EnviroBren came about when my fiancé Steve and I went to Borneo in 2012 to take part in the Greenpeace Borneo Jungle Challenge. We wanted to see for ourselves firsthand the devastation being wreaked on the rainforests of Borneo where jungles are being indiscriminately burnt down/logged to make way for palm oil plantations. Indigenous tribes, animals and native plants are losing their forest homes and many species are on the brink of extinction due to the insatiable demand for palm oil.

We walked through jungles, inhaled their unique aroma and pulled many a leech from our bodies. That was the good part. The worst, most heartwrenching part was when we encountered clearings in the forests with bulldozers at the ready to tear down more precious trees. It was devastating to see this happening but at the same time it made the palm oil issue more real to us. We weren’t just watching it on documentaries & we weren’t just reading about it on the internet. We were seeing with our own eyes what the demand for palm oil was doing to the environment.

On the descent from climbing Mount Kinabalu, the name EnviroBren popped into my head and I vowed that as soon as I got back home I would set up an EnviroBren page on Facebook. This was to be a page about the environment and animals.

In 2014 Steve and I set up our EnviroBren business which is based on being palm oil free, cruelty free, organic and eco aware. People are becoming more eco/enviro conscious. We’re getting sick from the chemicals sprayed on our food; sick from the chemicals that we’re putting on and into our body. We’re making more informed choices and EnviroBren gives people the opportunity to make kinder, more compassionate and healthier choices when it comes to buying our products.

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